Ronald Weasley (_ronaldweasley_) wrote in ooc_dungeons,
Ronald Weasley


Ok, to put some spark into the game (because as much as I love pansy, there's only so much thoughts of snogging Ron can have--and he's going mental right now, so that's kind of out), I want to nominate a Snape. Yes, I have selfish reasons for this--namely Ron's potions storyline that I've pretty much hijacked Snape for. I'd like some non hijacked storyline/hijinks...esp. now that Ron's having, ahem, mental issues.

Anyway, in the interim, I'd like to nominate catskyfire to take over as Snape. I've talked to her, and she's willing to do it, especially as an Interim until a more permanent Snape can be found. Please post objections/concurrence, etc.

Oh, as another interim thing, I've been talking to Hermione's player, and she is still having some personal life issues. However, she is willing for me to take over Hermione on a temp. basis until she can return full fledged to the game. I will confirm with her on Monday, if it's okay with everyone here. I am sure we will not be exactly alike, but I'll try my damnedest. Plus, um, I'd like to not have a totally mental character to play off of in my head.

To keep this game active (and from restarting), I'm willing to be schizophrenic and play as many characters as needed...well, except for Peeves or Filch. :)
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