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Okay, kiddies, gather round.

I think it's time to face the hard reality that our numbers have dwindled past the point of a viable game. For the game to continue, we need new players.

However, the barrier to this is that anyone looking at the game from the outside sees a disaster. Inactive journals, massive defections, infrequent updates and a very loosely (and that's being generous) connected plot.

Effectively, this turns people away.

I am aware that the plot I'm running is incomprehensible to some and just too dark and bloody to others. I forget that when people say they want "dark, semi-heavy" plot that their definition is not the same as mine. That's negotiable, if anyone wishes to bring it up.

As I see it, the game can go in two directions. It can start fresh (I'd say at Greatest Journal), more fully incorporating Book 5 (though with Sirius, assuming he wants to still play) and whatever personal history people want to carry over.

Or it can end.

It's not really my game to say, either way. I'd be happy to carry on, assuming we added another five or so players. And I'd be sad to see it go, but I'd understand.

Or, I suppose, you can tell me you don't want to change anything. That's certainly fair, but I don't think I can continue playing or modding with so few active players (as my abysmally poor interaction record of late shows).

Please, discuss.
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