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Sorry.... Truly.

I realise this is yet another person saying this, so I won't sugar-coat it. I can't see myself staying in this RPG, so I'm going to hand in the character. And this isn't a throwaway comment, but for this, I am genuinely sorry. It's given me a lot of heartache, and a lot of time has been spent thinking about this, but I can't really put it off anymore.

I have nothing against the way the game is being run at the moment. My resignation is partly because I find myself with less free time, and partly because I simply don't feel the same way about the game as I used to. I know this sounds like a bad break-up letter, 'It's not you, it's me,' etc... but that's pretty much the truth.

I'm not casting the blame anywhere, especially not at the newer players, but those who were here at the very start of this RPG will remember how easily it flowed, and how well the characters bounced off one another. We had some great people in Blaise, Tracy, and Mandy who despite not being well-defined in the books had a well-established identity here, and for me personally, made the game really spontaneous, and enjoyable.

Now, it just feels like it's struggling, and it's stopped being fun. As I said, the blame lies with no-one other than myself for my decision, and this perception of the game is my own, and may not be a true reflection of it. It's just the way I feel. I know I didn't ever really get into Snape, and I suppose I figured that the shift from Draco to Snape might give me a fresh start, but it just didn't work out that way. I should have resigned after handing in Draco, but I guess I have a lot of fond memories of being here, and wanted to give it one more try.

Best of luck to the game, and it was an absolute pleasure while it lasted.

The Girl formally known as Draco, temporarily known as Snape, who never got round to making an entry as Rita Skeeter, despite sneaking in the part, formally Vincent Crabbe as a secondary part, and otherwise known as Laura.
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