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I came into this game with a lot of enthusiasm.

But the game had ground to a halt. No one was posting. The Mod had (for entirely understandable reasons) vanished and nothing was happening.

I waited. I pondered. I did what I could in my little corner.

Still, nothing.

Finally, I acted. My desire was to have someone Contemptible trusted take up comodship until she could come back. Instead, she resigned (as was her right) and I recruited Cat and PansyMunLaura to form a Mod team.

Why? Because no one else was willing to.

I am sorry if people are feeling the game is 'not up to old specs' or what it was 'in the glory days' but I think that's a crock. I've been in enough games to know that when people are tired of playing with a toy, they make up excuses and bolt.

Let's look at what we've done right:

Cleared out the dormant characters
Recruited new players
Established mod presence in the OOC community and in Email
Created a new and updated website

I am annoyed and insulted. But this will pass. Mostly, I'm concerned.

What do you (the players) want? A new Mod team? A particular plot theme? What? We Mods are willing to hear any suggestions and will likely incorporate them.

To all the players who have stuck with us, and the new players joining, thank you. Thank you for your trust, your patience and your faith.

And I hate to pull this, but being vague might not get the point across. I've been out of the loop for a month because my father passed away suddenly. Not interested in sympathy for that, just saying I have a good reason for having been distracted.

Anyway...tell us what you want. Here or in private to

Or if you don't wanna, don't diss the RP on your way out.

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